Assessing organisations

Assessment context

In the project database you will find intervention projects that have been assessed by renowned organizations on the basis of transparent criteria and are supported or recommended by these organizations on the basis of the evaluations.

Overview of the organisations considered so far:

  • Health Promotion Switzerland - orientation list for the cantonal programs:orientation list 2022 (all projects of the list 2022)

  • Health Promotion Switzerland – Prevention in health care: Prevention in health care (all projects, as of march 2023)

  • RADIX – Communities That Care (CTC): Communities That Care (CTC) (all projects, as of end 2020)

  • Federal office of Public Health - Tobacco Control Fund: Tobacco Control Fund (Selection from the last years)

  • Federal office of Public Health - Alcohol prevention: Alcohol prevention (Selection from the last years)

- Federal office for spatial developpment ARE - Models of good practice in spatial development: Models of good practice (Selection of the years 2014-2018 and 2020-2024)

  • Association 'meingleichgewicht' - Health promotion projects for handicapped people meingleichgewicht (Selection of projects made by the responsible organisation)

  • Federal social insurance office FSIO - Models of good practice and participation projects encouraging children and young people outside of school Financial assistence - in German (Selection of projects 2018-2022)

  • Internationale Bodenseekonferenz IBK - Kommission Gesundheit und Soziales IBK Award for health promotion and prevention (all nominated projects of the years 2019/2023)

The meta-project database is constantly being updated and expanded.

Please get in touch if your organisation evaluates projects itself and you would like them to be included in the project database: contact form

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