The new platform for project- and quality management in the health, social and education sector

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Project management tool

How do I write a good project concept? How do we keep track of our projects?

Here you can develop your concept step by step, control it with the help of the interactive timetable and manage projects together.

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Outcome models

What can we do to achieve the desired effects with our project?

Create an outcome model for your project (or programme) and check whether the approach is coherent or not.

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Which other professionals and organisations are involved in my subject area?

In the community you will find connections - get in touch and expand your professional network!

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Project database

How can I get an overview of quality-assessed and proven projects?

Learn from other projects that have been evaluated and are recommended or supported by reputable organisations.

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Are you looking for support in planning or developing your projects and programms?

Here you will find information, tools, literature, educational and advisory services.

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